How does the Timeshare Credit Repair work?

Many times our clients ask us why we partnered with Credit Renew to pilot the Timeshare Credit Protection Program. The answer is very simple - timeshare debt can destroy your credit rating.

What's worse is that many timeshare owners were lied to and received a bill in the mail for thousands of dollars they were unaware they committed to. Timeshare debt is something that can be fixed on your credit report, but many timeshare owners are unsure where to start or how to fix their credit rating.

Not to worry though - we have all the info you need to repair your credit from timeshare debt.

Timeshare debt is even more toxic when trying to cancel your timeshare

Several timeshare companies are known for waging a war against consumer credit profiles for debt that was created fraudulently. These companies attempt to corner dissatisfied consumers with timeshare debt and negative impacts on credit scores. To make matters worse these timeshares were likely sold under fraud, misrepresentation, and false pretenses. Unsuspecting timeshare consumers needed a program to target these items that were added to their consumer credit profile in an inaccurate manner.

How does Timeshare Credit Repair work?

The Timeshare Credit Repair & Protection Program works by importing all three FICO® Scores through MyScoreIQ® to assess what timeshare debts are being reported. This allows the consumer to see what impacts the timeshare debt is having and if it's an accurate item on their credit profile.


When inaccurate items are found, Credit Renew's proprietary software sends a certified dispute letter to both the debt furnisher and any credit bureau reporting the debt. Usually, inaccurate items are deleted from the consumer credit profile by the reporting bureau.

Reasons timeshare debts get deleted

Most of the time the timeshare debt that is being reported was reported inaccurately and was created with Truth-In-Lending Act violations. The Cancel Timeshare Case Management Team works with the Credit Renew Team to find these violations inside our client-submitted documents.

"Without this partnership, the timeshare debt would likely be undisputed even though the timeshare debt was unsubstantiated." - Andrew Rest, VP of Operations

How technology brings the results

With Credit Renew's powerful credit repair software the program is able to tackle and conquer multiple issues where it was impossible before. This program enables clients to get fair and accurate results on their credit profiles without having to worry about trying to repair their own credit.

Credit Renew automatically identifies credit items that are timeshare related and analyzes the facts surrounding the debt. This allows their team to engage all three credit bureaus to dispute any inaccurate items (especially when the debt was from a fraudulent timeshare sale).

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