How do I rescind a timeshare contract?

Many timeshare owners fall into the trap of making an upgrade that they regret only hours after buying. The sales pressure, lies, and deceit make saying "no" to buying more points almost impossible.

What's worse is that you're on vacation and want to rescind the timeshare contract, but need to do so with confidence that it will work.

Steps to rescind a timeshare contract

📄 Gather your new purchase contracts/paperwork

You will want to find your new contract number and all the enclosures within your timeshare paperwork. Some timeshare companies have become sneaky and place these documents on a flash drive or email you the info which ads extra steps to getting your contract info.

⏳ Check your rescission period for the state you reside in and the state you purchased in.

We recommend erring on the side of caution. Laws change all the time and you do not want to wait and take a chance. Here is a tool to check timeshare rescission periods by state.

Check rescission laws and timelines by state
*Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace your own due diligence for timeshare rescission laws. Please do not rely solely on our educational tool to guide your timeshare rescission.

📪 Find the address to where to send your rescission letter

Check your contract for the correct address to send your timeshare rescission letter. We cannot stress this enough. An internet search of the resort address is not sufficient and could result in the incorrect department receiving the rescission letter.

✍️ Write the rescission letter

Here is an example of a timeshare rescission letter you can use:

Example Timeshare Rescission Letter.docx6.5KB

📫 Send the rescission letter

We recommend sending the rescission letter through USPS with the added services of Certified Mail® with a Return Receipt. Read more about the USPS special services here.

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