How to say no to The Timeshare Sales Pitch

5 Steps for telling a Timeshare Rep "No"

The most frustrating part of owning a timeshare for most timeshare owners is the constant high-pressure sales tactics used to lure existing owners into purchasing thousands of dollars more of timeshare points or weeks. In this short article, you will learn how to tell a timeshare salesperson "no" without creating more pressure for yourself or getting emotionally involved.

In addition to learning how to avoid a timeshare presentation and how to say no to a timeshare sales pitch, we will give you all the information the timeshare companies don't want you to know. The dirty secret of the timeshare industry is that timeshare companies want prospective buyers to feel the pressure. Timeshare companies know that their business model relies on these sales tactics.

The other component of the timeshare industry is that many of its salespeople are coerced into a high-stress commission sales job. These people are just like everyone else and rely on their job to pay their bills. Many timeshare companies offer young people a dream of a six-figure job to lure them in, and then when it's too late, the sales reps learn the truth.

Pressuring people to do things they usually wouldn't do is the very nature of the timeshare industry. Many of these companies know that their salespeople violate the law to sell their products but turn a blind eye to reap the profits.

Inside this short article, we will cover 5 steps for how to avoid the pressure, say no, and get your gift without feeling stressed or drained.

Remember that the timeshare presentation is a game.

The first part of winning in a timeshare presentation is to have the mindset that you are playing a game. It starts with the free meals and promise of gifts but can end up with adding thousands of dollars of debt to a new credit card. Timeshare salespeople are trained to think of the sales pitch this way. They will attempt to win at all costs, even if that means lying, cheating, or applying enormously high pressure to get you to buy. Before agreeing to attend a presentation, you must think about the entire experience as a game where the only way you win is to leave in the allotted amount of time without getting emotional and receiving the promised gifts.

The best way to remain in the right mindset is to set mini-goals throughout the pitch. Use small acts of denial to remain in control. Trust us - the timeshare reps will attempt to dominate your every move from the time you are greeted. They will tell you where to sit, what to write, how to act and use any method to put you into a compliant state. If you can identify these control methods, you can counteract them by polite indifference. Give yourself points for each time you circumvent their attempts to control you, but do so in a non-obvious manner.

For example - When the timeshare sales rep tells you where to sit, ask where the restroom is and take a 10-minute break. Be polite and courteous, but make it difficult for the timeshare sales rep to make the pitch go according to plan. When you come back they will be out of their element. When they go into asking you a million questions about your timeshare purchase history, bring up a story about your family and ramble on for another few minutes with a great vacation story.

The intent is to be agreeable, polite, but not compliant. When the timeshare sales process doesn't go according to plan, the sales rep will lose the willpower to pressure you. Remember, these are people too and they can get worn out and tired just like you. Think of the game as one of willpower and you will win.

Stay unemotional during the pitch.

Emotions are the primary triggers that create any transaction. Although we would all like to think of ourselves as rational, this is not the case. Think back to any significant purchase, and you will remember that there was likely an emotional component that made you say "yes." Buying a timeshare is no different. Timeshare companies train their salespeople to get the buyer emotional. This includes using third-party stories that drive our emotions. Other times, the sales rep may make attempt to make you feel dumb or that you made a mistake. All of these tactics are a ruse to get you to buy more points.

The fact is the timeshare industry is a business. The only way to profit is to sell more timeshares. They know how to push your buttons. The entire presentation will attempt to create problems with your existing vacation commitment, timeshare ownership, and financials surrounding the timeshare (read this article about timeshare maintenance fees to learn more). Oftentimes, timeshare salespeople will attempt to create a rift between couples. They will try to find disagreements or differences in views between a husband and wife to exploit and undermine the most resistive person. Ergo - remain unified and do not give them any signs of discontent or areas of disagreement.

Staying calm is easier said than done. If you remember that timeshare pitch rests on your emotional state, it will be easy to remain uninvolved emotionally. Ensuring you tune out somewhat or play on your phone may make it easier to focus on staying calm. Actively remind yourself that this is a game, and you cannot get engaged on an emotional level.

Saying yes to get out

The easiest way out of the presentation is to agree. Agreeing with the timeshare rep and saying yes to every component will allow them to continue their pitch. Interruptions to the pitch mean that you are allowing them insights into your objections or concerns, allowing them to pressure you in an attempt to overcome your objections. Instead of showing the objections little-by-little, save them for when they try to close you. If you give them a pile of reasons all at once, they won't be able to get around them.

The idea is simple - say yes to them on every part of the sales pitch, and then at the end, say you need to think about it. When they give reasons why you must decide today or that the option is expired, then say -"well, I know you'll be able to get it back for us after we think it over."

The best objections you can throw at them are:

  1. I need to ask my financial advisor, that's okay with you, right?
  2. I need to consult my children, give me a little time to talk it over?
  3. I like what you're saying, but need to think over the financial pieces.
  4. Can I have a few hours outside here to think it over?
  5. We have always bought the day after our presentation, can we let you know tomorrow what we decide?

Almost all timeshare sales pitches rely on a false sense of urgency to lure customers into making rash decisions. Please do not fall for the lie that you must make a split decision on thousands of dollars for a timeshare without taking adequate time to think it over. During every presentation, somebody is getting sold - either you or them.

Confront the lie

The easiest way to call out the lie is to confront the lie. When something is amiss in a timeshare sales presentation - face it and call out the lie. The friendliest and most non-confrontational way to do this is to rebuff a lie with a statement like: "Well, that's interesting. I will call the corporate office to get to the bottom of this."

This needs to happen when you feel like what you're hearing is inaccurate, inflated, or a downright lie. Timeshare salespeople are notorious for bending the truth, and although the major timeshare companies know their employees do it, they also have strict policies to cover their own interests. Anything that sounds amiss, clarify it with the corporate office right then and there. Do not take their word for it. As they say - trust but verify.

If you are upset or feel a statement is false, confront the rep indirectly and direct your emotions towards the company (not the rep). If the information is a lie, then the representative will quickly back down and retract any falsehoods. This method will also let the sales rep know that you are not an easy target and will be glad to get you out of their office.

Play hurt and humble

The last piece of advice we have for leaving the timeshare presentation without facing pressure or feeling stressed is to make the timeshare sales rep feel bad for you. These salespeople are still human beings and have emotions. While this may sound a little deceptive, then you're right!

However, sometimes it's better to fight fire with fire. If you expect to win at the game of timeshare sales presentations with honesty and ethics, then you will likely buy more points or be stuck at a desk for hours while wasting precious vacation time. Do not feel bad for protecting your family from thousands of dollars of debt.

We do not recommend telling all the facts about your life to make someone else feel sorry for you. Yet, you must divulge enough detail to elicit sympathy from the timeshare salesperson. Anything that has happened to you that someone would say "I am sorry to hear that" is worth sharing with your timeshare salesperson. No one (unless they're a sadist or sociopath) wants to hurt someone else. Most people are good people and will take sympathy when it is deserved.

The best advice for timeshare sales presentations

The easiest way to say no to a timeshare sales rep is to avoid the entire ordeal. Although, they make it really hard when checking in. If you do get pressured when checking in and feel forced to attend, take the steps here to leave at the hour mark and without more timeshare debt.

Remember that you are in control of what you do and do not do. No one has the right to ruin your vacation or make you feel awkward for wanting to spend time with your family without being pitched.

If you or a loved one is tired of the timeshare trap, connect with our team to learn how to cancel your timeshare legally and permanently.


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