15 Steps to Cancel Your Timeshare

Learn how you can cancel your timeshare with these 15 options and be done with maintenance fees and debt. Getting out of a timeshare contract is never easy or fun, but can be done with the right knowledge.

Rescind your timeshare contract

If possible rescind your timeshare contract. This isn't always a possibility, but when it is make sure you take action to cancel your timeshare contract.

Give away your timeshare to a friend

Another option to get rid of your timeshare is to give away your timeshare. This is only an option for paid-off timeshare contracts and you may be liable if the new owner does not pay their maintenance fees or club dues.

Sell your timeshare

If your timeshare is paid off, you have the right to sell your timeshare. Don't expect to get anywhere near what you paid for the timeshare, but some timeshares are easily sold. Just like any other product, some timeshares have more value than others. Timeshare buyers look for flexibility, affordability, and name brands. To list your timeshare for sell, click here.

Stop paying on it

Although we don't recommend it, you may decide to stop paying on your timeshare. This could mean foreclosure and negative impacts to your credit score, but it is still an option to cancel your timeshare.

Negotiate with your timeshare company

Another option to cancel your timeshare is to try and negotiate directly with your timeshare company yourself. Sometimes this may be a good strategy, especially if you have clear evidence of wrongdoing during the sales process. However, most times it's better to get professional help.

Hire a Timeshare Attorney

If you're not ready to attempt canceling your timeshare by yourself, you can contact a timeshare attorney who may be able to represent you directly in negotiations with your timeshare company. Just like any service, some attorneys are better than others. Check the reviews and never pay a large lump sum upfront.

Hire a Timeshare Exit Company

In lieu of hiring an attorney, many timeshare owners turn to timeshare exit companies to get the best coaching for disputing their timeshare contracts directly with their timeshare developer. This route is often more affordable than hiring an attorney directly.

Hire a Timeshare Transfer Company

A timeshare transfer company is set up to get rid of paid off timeshares quickly and more easily than awaiting a lengthy sales process. This is a good option when you don't want to wait months or likely even years to sell your timeshare.

Trade-in your timeshare

If your timeshare isn't a burden financially, but maybe isn't getting you to the destinations you want, then perhaps trading your timeshare in for the ownership that would give you the vacations you want isn't always a bad option.

Rent your timeshare

You can always attempt renting your timeshare instead of getting rid of your timeshare. Many sites like Airbnb and VRBO offer timeshare owners an easy way to rent their timeshares out to the general public.

Check with your developer

Check with your timeshare developer to see if they have a takeback program for your timeshare. Sometimes the timeshare company will allow you to give back your timeshare directly.

Deposit your timeshare into an exchange program

If you're unable to get rid of your timeshare, consider depositing the timeshare to an exchange program to make the best use of other resorts you may want to travel to.

Donate your timeshare

Although most of the time this is a scam, there are a few instances in which non-profit organizations will allow you to donate your timeshare. With donating your timeshare, make sure you don't pay any upfront fees because this is likely a sign you are being scammed.

Hire a timeshare credit repair company

If your timeshare has already been foreclosed on and it is hurting your credit, then we recommend reaching out to a timeshare credit repair company to see what options you have to improve your credit score.

Give your timeshare to a family member

Check with your family and see if anyone has an interest in traveling on the timeshare and wants to take over the maintenance fees. Sometimes other folks might want your timeshare.

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